Rainbow Six Extraction | How To Capture The Elite Target?

There are different types of missions that players will have to complete in R6 Extraction. Here’s how to capture the Elite Target in Rainbow Six Extraction.

One of the starting missions of R6 Extraction includes a mission “Capture an Elite Target Specimen.” You will have to bring the Elite target to the extraction point without using any weapons. So we have made this guide, to tell how to capture the Elite Target Specimens in Rainbow 6 Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction – Elite  Target:

You must keep in your mind that you will have to bring the Elite Target without killing him. Here are some instructions that will help you to capture an Elite Target in R6 Extraction:

  • Use different traps to lure him towards the extraction point as we can’t kill or hurt him.
  • Don’t start a fight with it as it will create more complexions and you won’t be able to bring him to the Extraction Point alive.
  • You will have to do teamwork to capture an Elite Target successfully, as you will need the permission of all the operators to set up traps for him.
  • Just wait for the Elite Target after you set the traps, and press the tap button as soon the Elite target is inside a triangle.
  • When you press the tab, the Elite Target will fall down and you will be able to extract its specimen in no time.