Rainbow Six Extraction | How To Heal Yourself?

The ability to heal is very important and necessary in a co-op battle game where you have to fight with other teams and kill them before they kill you to win the mission. Here’s how to heal yourself in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Games like Rainbow Six need players to stay focused and keep looking in every direction so that no one can do a surprise attack and you lose your health. Because if you will lose all of your health then the mission will be over for you and you will be back to zero. That’s why the ability to heal is the only thing that can help you survive in every battle. Healing ability can be confusing for some players, but this guide will help everyone to understand how the healing process works and when to use it. So keep reading!

Rainbow Six Extraction How To Heal Your Self?

Rainbow 6 Extraction has a video tutorial that explains how to heal and how healing works, but not everyone understands from a video. Here we listed every detail one must know about the healing system so that they can easily heal themselves, so let’s take a look:

Self Heal in Rainbow Six Extraction

  • If You want to heal yourself in the game, you will have to find a medkit first.
  • Press the button which is used to hold it to heal yourself.
  • Press the F button on the Keyboard to heal yourself while playing the game on PC.
  • The medkit can be found at the same spot every time you need it to heal. So just remember the spot and then use it to heal yourself.
  • You must be careful as there could be someone hiding and waiting for someone to get the medkit and then they attack them. So you must clear the area then go and pick up the medkit.
  • Doc is the best operator to heal someone or self-healing as the person he heals will get 15HP.
  • He can use that on himself or other players to get 15 HP.
  • You will only get 3 charges in this healing gun, and it can’t be used and charge again so think wisely before using these 3 charges.