Rainbow Six Extraction | All React Techs | All The Details Everyone Must Know About Them?

React Tech is a unique gadget used by Operators for various purposes in Rainbow Six Extraction. Here are all the details everyone must know about React Tech in Rainbow Six Extraction.

In this Rainbow Six: Extraction guide we will take a look at all the 21 React Techs available and every detail you must know about each one of them. A React tech is one of the operators’ unique gadgets same as a nitro cell or guard dog. But you must know all the details about each one of them, such as where to use them, what are their functions, what’s the purpose of each one of them, How to use them to get a more effective outcome. All of this information is crucial to get a better result during a battle.

We have collected all the information and put it down here in this guide for everyone, so they can easily choose a React Tech according to the situation.

All React Tech and how they work in Rainbow Six Extraction?

There is a total of 21 React Techs that operators can get and use in the game, and we have listed below all the necessary info you need to know about each one of them  in R6 Extraction:

Let’s take a look at the details:

React Tech  How They Work
Ammo Satchel: Only use 50% more ammunition for your primary and secondary weapons when deploying.
Anabolic Accelerant: Slowly increase your health by a maximum of 50 points.
Arc Mine: Set up a forward-blasting mine and chain assaults amongst targets within seven meters of one another.
Body Armour: During a mission, this reduces damage by 20%, but you lose your body armor if you are knocked out. Body armor is replenished and reapplied with the help of the REACT Tech Supply Cases.
Claymore: When activated by Archan’s movement, this forward-blasting mine detonates.
Explosive Harness: With three more REACT Explosives, you may increase your explosive carrying capacity.
Field Wall: Deploy a field wall six meters wide to block and defend your team from all missiles. This does not stop friendly gunfire from hitting you.
Fragmentation Grenade: A six-meter radius is damaged by a throwable grenade with a four-second fuse timing. Three of these will fit in your bag.
Glue Grenade: Within 10 meters, Archans will slow down. You can take three of them with you.
Impact Grenade: A seven-meter radius throwable grenade that explodes on impact. Four of them can be carried.
Nitro Cell: This device can be planted or thrown at a spot to cause widespread harm by remotely detonating it. You can take two of them with you.
Paralysis Grenade: A grenade that you can throw towards the enemy and it will explode on hit and knocks Archers out for five seconds. Three of these will fit in your bag.
React Laser: When targeted at a Sprawl-infested region, it dissolves it. It will be mounted on the weapon’s front barrel. For all operators, this weapon unlocks at Milestone 25. You may switch back and forth between your REACT Laser and REACT UV Light.
Recon Drone: A reconnaissance drone that you fly about to examine a region for goals, or supply cases. After 30 seconds, the drone will recharge, or you may purchase another from REACT Tech Supply Cases.
Recon Vapor Device: For 45 seconds, use this equipment to scan for all surrounding Archans, allowing you to locate any cloaked opponents. You can take three of them with you.
Revive Kit: After being struck down by DBNO once, you can utilize this gadget to resurrect yourself. This item may be restocked at REACT Tech Supply Cases.
Scan Grenade: Within 12-metres, a throwable grenade that scans surrounding Archans clocked Archans and goals. For 30 seconds, these goods are scanned. You can take four of them with you.
Scan Mine: It can Scan Archons at close range and launch mines to cover a six-meter radius. These are capable of scanning Archans who have been veiled. Three of these will fit in your bag.
Smoke Grenade: Cover yourself and your colleagues in smoke for 15 seconds using smoke grenades. You can take three of them with you.
Stun Grenade: A grenade that may be thrown that stuns Archans in a narrow radius. You can take three of them with you.
XR Recon Drone: Archans, goals, and supply boxes are automatically scanned through surfaces within eight meters of the XR Recon Drone. It functions in the same way as a normal Recon Drone,

That’s everything there is to know about All React Tech in Rainbow Six Extraction.