How To Heal Injured And Inactive Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Rainbow 6 Extraction is the latest installment of the Rainbow Series. Here’s how to Heal Injured and Inactive Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow 6 Extraction has gained so much fame in a few days, as the new game of Rainbow Six Series is released seven years after the previous installment. It’s a co-op battle game Set in the world of zombies. There are several operators which you can unlock in the game and add them to your squad. Good weapons are very necessary to get good results. However, if you can’t heal your self then all of the weapons are useless because your opponents will kill you and you will lose the mission as well. So let’s take a look below to know how to heal Injured and inactive Operators in the game.

Rainbow Six Extraction How To Heal Injured and Inactive Operators?

Those operators who are inactive will be marked on the map, and they become inactive when their HP is less than 40. So once you heal them and their HP increases they will become active.

Here are some instructions about how to heal inactive and injured operators:

  • First of all, you should take an operator with low health to do a mission.
  • You will have to play the incursions several times to heal inactive and injured operators.
  • Their HP will increase by a point after you win a mission in an incursion so you will have to complete several missions and earn a total of 21,000 XP to heal an operator 100%.
  • You must choose the operator carefully before starting a mission and you must heap them during a mission.

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