Rainbow Six Extraction | How To Get Scan Kills?

There are several Study Objectives in Rainbow 6 Extraction that players can complete and earn experience points. Here’s how to get scan kills and complete the Lethal Scanner Study objective in Rainbox Six Extraction.

Rainbow 6 Extraction has several study jobs that can be found in all of its regions. Lethal Scanner is one of the study jobs which is in the San Fransisco region of the game. Players will need to get five Scan kills to complete this study job, but you don’t know how to get these kills specifically. So we have made this guide to tell you how to get five Scan kills in R6 Extraction.

How To Get Scan Kills in Rainbow Six Extraction:

Getting a Scan kill is not a difficult task to complete, but there are different ways to get a scan kill and the game doesn’t describe which type of scan kill you will need to complete this Study mission.

When you scan your enemies, a red outline appears on it until you stop scanning. You will get an XP notification when you successfully get a Scan kill. Here are all the methods that you can use to get scan kills in the Lethal Scanner Study job:

EE-One-D Drone (Lion Only) Take it at the top of your enemies after activating it and it will scan all the in-range enemies automatically.
Prisma (Alibi Only) It can scan your enemy after you throw it in front of them.
Scan Grenade You can see every Parasite organism available in the 12- meter radius.
Scan Mine It can scan any enemy that is in the 6-meter radius after you put it in a place.
Recon Vapor Device Throw it on a location you want to scan the enemies and it will scan all the enemies available in its range.
XR Recon Drone It works the same as the Recon Drone, but it will scan the enemies automatically that are in its 8-meter radius. 
Recon Drone Take it above the enemy’s head and press the scan button.