Psychonauts 2: Queepie Side Quest – How To Find All Queepie Locations?

Psychonauts 2 is officially available, and it’s one of the year’s best games. The game has a number of puzzles and real challenges that will amaze and perplex you. There are numerous side missions in the game, and one of these side quests is the Queepie quest, which players can complete. You’ll have to discover six Queepie locations in the Questionable Area forest for Raz’s little brother, which makes this the most perplexing side mission in the game. So in this guide, we will tell you all the Queepie locations and how to find them in Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 – Queepie Locations:

You’ll need to speak with Raz’s mother before going up, where you’ll find a radio broadcasting the game’s pirate radio station. The radio is the finest audio hint for locating the Queepie. You must talk with him there to begin the quest. The Queepie are scattered around the Questionable Area; as a player approaches one, his radio will get louder. However, determining the precise position may be challenging. Here are the all the locations of Queepie in the Questionable area:

  • Queepie Location #1:
    The first time Queepie can be found between the Water Wheelhouse and the noticeboard beside the river, right up from the Aquato camp. Interact with your little brother here to run him off to his next destination.
  • Queepie Location # 2:
    A bigfoot cave can be found near the first location of Queepie. Enter the cave, go through it, and exit at the other end. The Queepie can be found dancing on a wooden platform there.
  • Queepie Location #3:
    You’ll hear the radio as you cross the old bridge on your way back to Aquato camp. Queepie is in a little cabin high in the trees above this exact location. Climbing up is a little more difficult, so you’ll have to use the vines to get there and then bind off the spring-like spherical bushes until Raz gets there.
  • Queepie Location #4:
    The Queepie can be found for the fourth time at the end of a wooden pathway overlooking the funicular high in the trees. You must climb to the top of the public restroom building and grasp the ladder by bouncing using Levitation, then go higher.
  • Queepie Location #5:
    The Queepie will be near the entrance to the Questionable Area on the roof of the Lumberstack Diner. You’ll have to leap onto the roof by using the hood of the rusty truck that is parked in the Diner’s parking.
  • Queepie Location #6:

    To discover the Queepie for the final time, you must be on the top of Sassyclops cave. Enter the Aquato camp and produce an updraft by lighting the campfire. Swing up to a platform on the right that has a bouncy bush on it. Jump on it to get to another platform with another bush.Follow the path until you reach a bar at the end to grab onto. Queepie is on the ledge of the Sassyclops cave, just underneath you. Once you’ve found the Queepie, you’ll receive a PSI Challenge Marker as a reward and the achievement “Dance, Baby, Dance” will be unlocked.That’s everything you need to know about the Queepie locations and how to find Queepie to complete the Queepie Side quest in Psychonauts 2.