Psychonauts 2 – How To Beat The Luctopus Boss in Hollis Hotstreak?

Double Fine Productions’ Psychonauts 2 is an action-adventure game. It’s a sequel to Psychonauts, and the plot picks up from the Rhombus of Ruin. The main boss Luctopus can be found in Hollis Hotstreak’. You’ll have to avoid the octopus boss’s cunning assaults. We’ll show you how to defeat Luctopus in Psychonauts 2 in this guide.

How To Beat The Luctopus Boss in Hollis Hotstreak?

There are three phases of the Luctopus battle, the difficulty level of Luctopus grows with each phase as the Luctopus hits you with a new assault in each phase. In the first phase, Luctopus will pull out a card with bursting lightbulbs connected to it. You’ll just have to avoid these lightbulbs and wait for them to burst. When you notice that the battlefield is littered with lightbulbs, use your telekinesis power to snag one and toss it towards the tentacle holding the cards on the right. Repeat this method numerous times until Luctopus becomes enraged and begins to make idea bubbles. To ride them and strike the wall in Luctopus’ head, you’ll need to use your mental link. Then, using the same way, harm her heart.

You will need to repeat the first phase’s procedure twice more for the second phase. In the second phase, Luctopus will shuffle the deck, allowing her to do massive damage to you. When she uses this move, red lines will appear throughout the arena. You’ll have to wait in the region with no red lines until she’s finished shuffling. When she’s through shuffling, she’ll start throwing light bulbs again, so simply use the same approach to shock her again. Climb up to the Luctopus once she’s in a frenzy and hit her skull and heart again.

The third phase is the most challenging, as she electrifies the arena’s floor with a new assault. You must avoid this attack and wait for it to stop by leaping atop a stack of chips. When she’s finished hitting you with her new attack, she’ll resume tossing lightbulbs. Repeat the process, and then shock her with the Lightbulb. Climb up to her once she’s dazed and assault her head and smack her heart.

That’s how you can beat the Luctopus in Hollis Hotstreak in Psychonauts 2.