Pokemon Go | How To Evolve Cherubi into Overcast Cherrim?

Several players are asking how they can evolve Cherubi into Overcast Cherrim in Pokemon Go. Here’s how you can do it!

You can evolve Cherubi into two different forms in PG which are Overcast Cherrim and Sunshine Cherrim. The only difference in both of them is their unique appearance other than that everything is the same in both of them. However, their movesets are different. Here in this guide, we will tell you how to evolve Cherubi into Overcast Cherrim in PG.

Pokemon Go – Cherubi:

Here’s how to evolve Cherubi into Overcast Cherrim in PG:

  • You will need 50 Cherubi Sweets to give Cherubi to evolve it to Overcast Cherrim.
  • You can feed Cherubi some rare candy if you don’t have 50 Cherubi Sweets or you will need to find more of this pokemon and catch them.
  • You can evolve Cherubi after you have collected 50 Cherubi Sweets.
  • When you evolve Cherubi into its next form, there’s a chance that it evolves into the Overcast or Sunshine variant of the Pokemon.
  • So catch as many Cherubi and add them to your collection if you want to get both of these variants.
  • The best variant of Cherubi, according to several players is Sunshine, as it performs better in PvP combat due to the availability of Weather Ball (Fire-type).