Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 | How To Locate A Thermal Weapon?

One of the new weekly challenges asks players to get a Thermal Weapon. Here’s how to find a Thermal Weapon in Fortnite.

Players explore various regions of the map to complete different challenges and earn XP to level up their Battle Pass in FN. Some of these challenges are easy to complete, however, some of them can be a little bit difficult as you will have to find new weapons and do some tasks to complete them. You will have to find a Thermal weapon to complete one of these challenges so here in this guide, we will help you in finding the Thermal Weapon in FN.

Fortnite – Thermal Weapon:

Here’s how to find a Thermal Weapon in FN:

  • You can find a Thermal weapon inside a chest, on a floor, or where you find other weapons in FN.
  • You will have to kill the Huntmaster Saber monster and steal their Legendary Huntmaster Saber’s Thermal Rifle to get a Thermal weapon.
  • You will have to go to Condo Canyon to fight the Huntmaster Saber boss.
  • Once you get there climb yo to the airship within.
  • You must be ready before you go there as this fight is not going to be an easy one.
  • You must be at a distance while fighting with him as he will do a slashing AOE when you go too near to him.
  • The boss can also teleport away, so you must chase him down if he makes a move.
  • Finding a Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle is the second option you have to get a thermal weapon in FN.
  • You can find it inside chests, rare chests, seven chests, floor loot, supply drop, etc.