New World | How To Split Stacks?

New World the latest addition to the MMO RPG world has become famous around the globe. Like all the other MMO games, you will collect a variety of items in the New World, and eventually, your inventory will fill up and you will have to make room for more items by getting rid of the old ones. So in this guide, we will tell you how to split items in the New World.

How To Split Items in New World?

New World like all the other games offers players several items such as weapons, ascension materials, resources, etc, and your inventory isn’t big to hold all of the items in it and you will have to get rid of them eventually. However, resources are one of those items which hold several pieces in a single stack. If you don’t want to throw the complete stack, all you have to do is split items into multiple stacks.

Follow the steps below to split items into multiple stacks in New World:

  • Hover over the item you want to split in your inventory.
  •  Select the option Split from the Action List or Click CTRL + LMB to launch the “Split Stack” window.
  • From the Split Stack screen, choose how many stacks you want to discard by dragging the slider up and down.

When you are done with discarding the items from the stacks, the items will be dropped down onto the floor. You will have 3 minutes to get any discarded items back into your stack after that they will disappear permanently.

That’s everything there is to know about how to split items in New World.