New World | Level Cap | What is the Max Level?

New World was released by Amazon’s Games on 28th September 2021 for PC. It’s a new MMO RPG game and players around the game are jumping towards the game. Players want to know about the build of their character’s, weapons, abilities, what’s the max level, and how soon they can reach the max level in New World. So in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Level Cap in New World.

What is The Max Level in New World?

The Level Cap for New World is set at 60, which means that you can’t level up your character above 60 even if you gain a lot of XP during your journey through the game’s story.

The end game content will become available once players reach the max level 60 in New World. The new end game content includes:

  • Access to expeditions:
    You will be able to go on expeditions by making a team with other players to go through the dangerous dungeons and fight the difficult enemies and bosses and win several treasures.
  • Access to Invasions:
    You will be able to do invasions in places where the corrupted assault the game world and strongholds in massive PvE events.
  • New PvP Mode “Outpost Rush”:
    A new PvP mode will be unlocked, in which you will have to steal the outpost of other players while defending your outpost.
  • Access to PvP Wars:
    PvP wars will become available in instantiated regions.

In the future, more content will be added in the New World so the max level will also be increased. You can reach the max level of 60 within 60-100 hours of gaming if you know how to farm XP and if you are new and don’t have any experience then it will take more than 200 hours to reach the max level in New World.

That’s everything there is to know about the level cap in New World.