Lost Judgment | The Invisible Burglar Side Case | How To Solve?

Lost of Judgment is full of adventure and mysteries, and there are several side cases in the game for the players to complete. The invisible Burglar is one of the side cases in Lost Judgment, and in this guide, we will tell you how to unlock and complete The Invisible Burglar side case in Lost Judgment.

How To Solve The Invisible Burglar Side Case in Lost Judgment?

The Invisible Burglar side case becomes available when you reach chapter 3: Two sides of the same coin in the Lost Judgment. To start this side case, you will have to go to the hangout area in the Champion District.

Once you arrive at the hangout area near Champion District listen to the conversation there to get the “Stalker” keyword for Buzz Researcher, which will take you to the south end of Senryo Ave. You will find a building and a man standing at the corner of that building above the street. Talk to that man and he will tell you that his building is across the street and he’s looking for a burglar inside his building. He will explain to you everything about the issue, and after talking to him go up to the building and start investigating.

When you reach inside the building investigate the following things:

  • Examine the Floor, Empty Snack items, Insect Bombs, and Refrigerator.
  • Then Examine the ceiling hatch with the enigmatic handprint.
  • Listen to the same area using your Noise Amp.
  • Lastly, examine the corner safe and the sword on the cabinet.

You will have to make a decision after investigating everything. After that do the following things to complete the Invisible Burglar Side Case.

  •  Select “They are still up in the attic” when you will be asked who is the invisible burglar.
  • Then Select “Roach Exterminator” as a bait.
  • The side case task will be completed after a cutscene.

That’s everything there is to know about how to complete The Invisible Burglar Side case in Lost Judgment.