Lost Ark | How To Get Twitch Drops?

Lost Ark is finally out on PC in the western regions and the developers and Twitch have teamed together to commemorate its release. Here’s how to get Twitch Drops in Lost Ark.

L Ark was originally released in 2019 for the South Korean and Russian regions. Finally, after waiting for a long time it is now going to be released on PC in the western part of the map as well on February 11, 2022. There are three different teams consisting of 20 players each representing their separate regions are grinding its early access. You must watch the entire Legends of L Ark race steam on Twitch to get a Twitch drop in the game.

Lost Ark – Twitch Drops:

These Twitch streams will be live from 8th February 2022 to 1st March 2022, so you must earn all the twitch drops provided by the streamers. You will have to watch the stream of the participants to earn these Twitch Drops in L Ark:

These drops are divided into four levels, which are as follows:

  • Tier 1:

Battle Item Chest  

You will get the following three items from inside the chest:
  1. Battle Item Chest 3 Pack
  1. Regulus’ currency chest has 100k
  1. Amethyst Shard Pack containing 1500 Shards.
  • Tier 2:

Arkesia Paper Hat Chest:

You can select one out of the five unique paper hats with this chest.


  • Tier 3:

Helgaia Pet Chest:

You will be able to choose any one of the four pets available in the game by claiming this chest.

  • Tier 4:

Neugier Gold Mount: 

You will get a gold hovercraft to travel through Arkesia in Tier 4.

How To Get Twitch Drops:

Here are all the steps you should follow to get Twitch drops in L Ark:

  1. Connect your Lost Ark and Twitch Account with each other.
  2. You will have to watch the streaming for 4 hours continuously to get the Twitch drops in the game.
  3. Go to the following page and look for the legends of Lost Ark streamers that have Twitch drops enabled option.
  4. A claim option will appear on the top of the chat on Twitch after you watch the complete video of the streamer.
  5. You will only get the claim option for a limited time so you must click on the claim button quickly.
  6. After clicking on the claim button, just go to the official website of Lost Ark.
  7. Sign in with your twitch account and link it with your stream account to get the Twitch drops in-game/.