Lost Ark | How To Find the PvP Vendor?

The developers have recently released a new update for Lost Ark which includes a ton of new content. Here’s how to Find the PvP Vendor in Lost Ark.

There’s a ton of new content introduced in the Lost ark such as Chaos Dungeons, Raids, and various PvP features. The first official Competitive PvP Season is about to start in the Lost ark and several players are asking where they can find a PvP dedicated Merchant in the game. So let’s keep to find out the answers to all of your questions below!

Lost Ark – Competitive PvP Season:

An official competitive PvP season is going to start later this month and the developers have set the stage for it in a recent update that was released on the 11th of march. Competitive Proving Grounds will be brought down to the world of Arkesia in this update.

Where To Find The Vendor:

  • Currently, there is no PvP vendor available in the game but as soon as the competition starts we will update his location.
  • You must need to be at level 26 and reach a certain point of the game’s main story where you will get the Rebuilding Luterra quest.
  • You will have to complete this quest as you will get introduced to the proving ground and PvP will be unlocked for your character.
  • There are several PvP modes that will become available after you unlock the Proving Grounds.
  • Here’s a list of some PvP Modes that are going to be added in Lost Ark:
    ⇔ Deathmatch   A free for all match with six players
    ⇔ Team Deathmatch  Two teams of three compete to see who can get the most kills in the minimum time.
    ⇔  Team Elimination  It’s almost the same as Team Deathmatch, the only thing that is different is you will be trapped into a series of one-on-one battles.
  • You must use this time you got to prepare yourself for the actual season so that you don’t face any difficulty once the season is started,