Gran Turismo 7 | Are Roulette Tickets Rigged or Not?

Roulette Ticket is a new feature added in GT7 and players want some details about it. Here’s the answer for Are Roulette Tickets Rigged or not in Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo 7 has introduced a new feature “Roulette Tickets” that you can get as rewards for completing some Menu books, reaching certain collector levels, and completing all the daily tasks. These mechanics work the same as loot boxes which means that your reward will be selected automatically. However, some players are asking whether the Roulette Tickets are rigged in GT7. So in this guide, we will answer your question!

Gran Turismo 7 – Roulette Tickets

Yes, your Roulette Tickets are rigged to some degrees in GT7, which means that the reward you get from roulette tickets is controlled by someone else. Let’s take a look at the details about Roulette Tickets listed below:

  • You will get Roulette tickets as rewards for completing Menu books, daily tasks, etc.
  • You will usually get smaller rewards instead of big rewards.
  • So now you may agree with us that all of these things are being controlled so your chances to win a bigger reward will be not that much.
  • The game developers must inform the players about the accurate probabilities of getting extra gacha rewards as it is a legal requirement in many territories, but you must buy a gacha or loot box to get benefits from this law.
  • There’s no option available at the moment to purchase Roulette Tickets in Gran Turismo 7 which shows that Sony has no interest to show the probabilities to the players.
  • Here’s we have made a general assumption about how this mechanic works in GT7.
    Note: These are not the official Figures:

    ⇔ 1st Prize:      There is only a 1% chance.
    ⇔ 2nd Prize:     There is only a 4% chance.
    ⇔ 3rd Prize:      There is only a 10% chance.
    ⇔ 4th Prize:      There is only a 25% chance.

That’s all there is to know about Roulette Tickets in Gran Turismo 7.