How To Spare Bosses in Sifu?

Sifu has been released finally and it features a total of five bosses that players will need to defeat to take revenge of his father’s death. However you can also change the game’s ending by sparing the life of all the bosse. Here’s how to spare bosses in Sifu.

The story of Sifu revolves around a son who is on a journey to take revenge of his father’s death by killing all the five people responsible for the death of his father. However its up to you whether you want to take revenge or not but you must know that this decision of yours will affect the ending of the game. So you must think carefully what to do before making any decision in the game. If you want to know more about how to spare bosses in sifu then keep reading this article.

Sifu – How To Spare Bosses:

Here’s how to spare bosses in Sifu:

  1. Keep progressing through the game’s story until the boss fight arrives.
  2. Keep reducing their health until you see a Finisher Prompt and then just wait for the prompt to go.
  3. Use Parry only during the second phase and break their framework once again.
  4. If you are playing it on PC then press the Left Arrow on your keyboard or if you are playing it on PlayStation then press the  D-stick of the controller to the left side to spare the boss.

How To Unlock Secret Trophies & Secret Endings:

If you spare the life of all five bosses then you will get the following trophies and items as  rewards:

FajarWood Talisman (Muk Yan Master trophy)
Sean Fire Talisman (Tiger on Fire trophy)
KurokiWater Talisman (Source of Flying Daggers trophy)
JinfengMetal Talisman (Iron Money trophy)
YangEarth Talisman (Legendary Talismans of Wuxing trophy)

You wil have to perform some specific actions during your fight with the final boss yang. You will have to finish yang off with a takedown even though it will be not be done by your character.

This is how the secret, true ending to Sifu will be unlocked.