Flashback 2 | How To Unlock All Trophies/Achievements?

Return to the iconic world of Flashback as Conrad B. Hart in Flashback 2, the sequel to the 1992 classic.

Paul Cuisset, the original creator, invites you to once again immerse yourself in a vibrant sci-fi/cyberpunk universe filled with action, exploration, and intricate platform shooting. Navigate multiple environments, including New Tokyo, New Washington, and the Jungle, and embark on a heart-pounding adventure to thwart the Morph invasion led by the formidable General Lazarus. As you wield the lethal adaptive weapon A.I.S.H.A., designed and developed by the visionary Paul Cuisset, follow this detailed guide to unlock every trophy/achievement in the game.

Flashback 2 – Trophies/Achievements:

Here are all the details you need to know about how to unlock all the trophies/achievements in Flashback 2:

General Tips:
  1. Exploration is Key: Flashback 2 is not just about shooting enemies; it involves exploration and puzzle-solving. Take your time to discover secrets and navigate through the intricate environments.
  2. Utilize A.I.S.H.A.: Your AI-powered weapon, A.I.S.H.A., is a crucial tool in your arsenal. Use its combat AI to your advantage during intense battles.
  3. Immerse in the Story: The game features a gripping narrative filled with twists and turns. Pay attention to the storyline for a more immersive experience.
Trophy/Achievement List:
ExpertUnlock every trophy in the game
Gone full circleDestroy the Master Brain during the Conjunction
Angry GeneralDefeat General Lazarus
Until the endComplete the Morph Vessel level
Let it goDefeat the Morph Assassin
Hasty departureComplete the Mutant Village level
Who’s scared?Defeat the Radiant Alpha
Mr. Hart, I presume?Complete the Jungle level
Conjunction failedFail to destroy the Master Brain during the Conjunction
MechanicAssemble the mecha
Fearless studentComplete the New Tokyo level
Oops!Kill the real president
My hero!Free Helen in Lazarus’s Ship
Employee of the monthComplete every Job Agency mission
City slickerComplete the New Washington level
VigilanteKill the fake president
Time travelerHelp Lo’Ann
Best FriendFree Ian
Super DriverCollide with 10 cars on the Ring Road
Hyper fighting robotWin the mech fight
Driver’s licenseDrive a bike for the first time
State-of-the-art technologyGet the gun

Follow this guide meticulously to ensure you unlock each trophy/achievement and experience the full extent of the Flashback 2 adventure!