How To Save Your Progress in Rainbow Six Extraction

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction a new installment of Tom Clancy’s RS series has been finally released after a gap of seven long years, Several players want to know how they can save their progress manually in the game. Here’s how to save in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction the most awaited game has been released finally, and the Tom Clancy series’ fans are very excited about it. RS Extractions features crossplay, that allows you to play it with your friends or any other player from around the globe. You can also play it solo if you don’t want to play it with someone else. Several players want to know how to save the progress in RS Extraction. So keep reading for all the details you need about how to save in RS Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction – How To Save?

Rainbow Six Extraction has an autosave system, which means that your progress will be saved automatically after you complete a mission. If you left it in the middle your progress will be lost as there is no option available to save your progress manually.

Here are all the details about how the RS Extraction save system works, and what are its limitations:

  • Your game progress will be saved automatically after each mission, assignment, Development Milestone you complete in RS Extraction.
  • There is no manual save option available in the game which means that you can’t save your progress during an incursion, or whenever you want.
  • If you have started an incursion, you will have to complete all of its objectives or lose all of them to save your progress.
  • If you left an incursion in the middle. your progress will not be saved at all because of the save system.
  • The only option you will have to secure your XP gains level up your character and attain some success is via exfil.
  • Go to the nearest exfil sites which are highlighted as a helicopter icon on the game’s map.

That’s all there is to know about how to save your progress in Rainbow Six Extraction.