How to Get XP & Level Up Fast in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Leveling Up in RSE is not an easy task just like all the other games. Here’s how to get XP & how to Level Up Fast in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction is an awesome tactical game that can be played with friends and strangers online. In this guide, we will show you how to level up fast in it.

Our tips only require you to play the game and follow a few simple steps; they will help you reach the max level in no time!

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Get XP & Level Up Fast

It’s not easy to level up in Rainbow Six Extraction. It’s not just you get the XP, you will lose the XP too if you fail the mission and you will be demoted unless you are on level 10. There are many ways to earn the XP in the game and you can level up fast. These are the ways to earn a lot more XP:

Kill Enemies:

To get a large number of XP you need to kill a lot of XP. But remember this also if you don’t take out many enemies then you will lose the XP too. So be creative with kills and kill as much as you can.

Play High Difficulty:

When you play a game in high difficulty you will sure to get a big reward in every way. You will get a lot more XP in high difficulty. But for this, you have to have a good game experience or you will just lose all the XP.

Quit on time:

There is a limit to how much you can earn and there will be a time when you will start losing the XP and dying again and again. So it’s better to leave the game there rather than lose all the XP. Put a limit on how much you want to play and clear the missions.

Complete Studie:

By completing these side objectives you can earn a lot of extra amount of XP. These objectives are easy to complete so it will not take much of your time too. You can earn a lot of XP with these types of objectives.