How To Play Cross-Platform with PC, Console, & Add Friends in Rainbow Six Extraction

Tom Clancy’s RS Extraction has been released today. Here’s how to play Cross-platform with PC, Console & Add Friends in Rainbow Six Extraction.

The latest installment of the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Series “Extraction” is finally out after a long seven years. The fans of Tom Clancy’s series are very exciting as a new game of the series is released after seven years so everyone is very excited about it. The good thing is that RS Extraction has crossplay, cross-platform, so it means that you can play it online with your friends that have it on PC, or Consoles. So here we will tell you how to play Cross Platform With PC, Console, How to Add Friends in RS Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Crossplay / Cross-Platform?

Rainbow Six Extraction supports cross-platform, it allows you to play the game online with your friends regardless of on which platform he is playing the game. So it means that you can play it  by teaming up with your friends easily if they have RS Extraction on any other platform.

The crossplay option is on by default in RS Extraction, but if you don’t want to play it online with others on different platforms you can disable it from the general settings page. RS Extraction also supports cross-progression, so it means that your progress will remain intact if you want to switch to an other platform.

You can add your friends in RS Extraction same as RS Siege, but if you didn’t play siege and don’t know how to add friends then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You can add your friends by search their Ubisoft account names, your friend account will appear but you must enter the account name same as it is.

Ubisoft has also given a buddy pass to all the players which they can use to invite any friend they want to add in their squad by giving them a buddy pass a 14-day free trial.

Follow the instructions below to invite your friends and add them in your Squad by giving the buddy pass:

  1. Go to the Squad menu.
  2. Invite any friend you want to join your squad from your Friends list.
  3. Once you have selected the Friend, click on the Send Buddy Pass Token