Rainbow Six Extraction | What is the Level Cap of Development Milestone & The Operator?

RS Extraction has been released. Here we will tell you what is a level cap of an Operator and the Development Milestone in Rainbow Six Extraction.

RS Extraction is all about Operator leveling. You can gain XP and increase your operator level by performing actions such as getting kills and performing headshots, reviving team members, placing or defusing bombs, completing your objectives, and winning rounds.

This guide will answer the following questions related to reaching the maximum level cap in Rainbow Six: Siege: What are the max level caps for operators and development milestones?

What Operator Level & Development Milestone Levels Are?

In the Rainbow Six Extraction operator level is like the game progress level. The more experience you will get in the game by completing missions, the more your level as the operator will be increased.

Whenever your operator level increases in the game you can open some extra guns depending on the level you are on. Like on operator level 3 you will unlock some guns and when you progress to operator level 6 you will unlock another gun.

Also, there are many milestones in the game. Every time you will unlock a new milestone there will be some reward for you in exchange.

What the Max Operator Level Cap Is in Rainbow Six Extraction?

There are not many operator levels in Rainbow Six Extraction. The max level you can achieve is level 10. You can unlock different items for different operators for each level. To check the details on what you can unlock go to the Operators screen Choose the Advancement option and see all the details on the items to unlock.

What the Development Milestone Cap Is?

The max Development Milestone level cap you can reach is level 30. So this is the point where you can unlock other stuff already and after this, you should only focus on leveling up operators, so you can unlock each operator’s items and guns.

That’s all there is to know about the level cap of the operator and Development Milestone in Rainbow Six Extraction.