Rainbow Six Extraction | How To Play Solo | Is it Possible to Play Solo Offline?

Rainbow Six Extraction is now available and several players are asking how to play solo & can they can play the game offline. So here are the answers.

Nowadays a lot of players likes to play games online with their friend or other players from different part of the world. But not everyone likes to play online with others, instead, they like to play solo and offline. So in this guide, we will clear everything that is it possible to play solo offline, and how to play solo in RS Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Solo Mode:

Follow the instructions below to know how to play Rainbow Six Extraction in Solo mode:

  • First of all, start RS Extraction and then select the region/location from the play menu.
  • Each region has three different areas that will be accessible to you so you can deploy your team.
  • Choose any one of three different “Squad Deployment” Sections.
  • You will be then sent to the lobby as a solo.
  • If you have anyone else to add to your squad, you can do it in the same way.
  • This is how you can play with your friends instead of other players online.
  • Then choose your Operator, and Threat level, and then press Confirm.
  • Once you press the confirm button, you will play RS Extraction solo.

Is It Possible To Play Solo Offline:

The answer is no. Unfortunately, you can’t play RS Extraction solo offline. So even if you want to play solo you will always have to connect to the server to play RS Extraction.

That’s all there is to know about How to play solo in Rainbow Six Extraction.