How To Get & Use Powerpass in Lost Ark?

Powerpass is a very useful and important item in L Ark. Here’s how to get and use the Powerpass in Lost Ark.

In L Ark, you can instantly reach up to a character level of 50 by using the Powerpass which makes it the most important and useful item in the game. So we have made this guide to tell you how to get and use the powerpass in L Ark.

Lost Ark – Powerpass:

How To Get:
Here’s how to get the Powerpass in L Ark:

  • First of all, you will have to complete Ealyn’s Gift Quest.
  • After completing the quest open your in-game mail.
  • There will be a Vern Powerpass Token inside your in-game mail.
  • This token can be used on a new character as well.

How To Use:

  • First of all, you will have to choose the character you like to boost to use the Powerpass in L Ark.
    • Navigate to the main menu that appears at the start of the game.
    • Look for the yellow Powerpass icon that will appear at the bottom of your screen and click on it.
    • Your character will then get activated with the boost.
    • After that start the Adventurer’s Path quest to fully boost your character as this quest will span levels 10 through 50.
    • Your character will equip all the gear you need for the ending content of Lost Ark after you complete the Adventure’s path quest in the L Ark.