Dying Light 2 | Multiple Endings Guide | Which is the Best Ending?

Dying Light 2 has multiple endings based on the choices you make during different main story quests. Several players are asking how many endings are there in DL2, and which is the best ending in DL2. So here are all of your answers!

The choices you make during different story missions in the game will affect the endings of the game. There are some bad endings in DL2, but one of them is the best ending of DL2. So here in this guide, we will tell you how many endings are there and which is the best ending in DL2.

Dying Light 2 – Endings:

The X13 Quest is the final mission of Dying Light 2 in which you will have to make the choice of launching the X13 missiles over the city of Villedor or saving Lawan. Since Waltz has started the countdown for the Missile Launch to save Mia, now Lawan is going to diffuse the missiles manually to stop the launch and save the city of Villedor from destroying.

So at that moment, you will get to choose between the following two options.

1. Let Lawan detonate the bombs.
2. Save Lawan

The best ending of dying light 2 is that in which you save the people of Villedor, Hakon is not dead, and You get accompanied by Lawan on your journey towards the end.

How To Get The Best Ending In Dying Light 2:

Here’s how to get the best ending of DL2:

  • During the Broadcast mission, you must take the side of the survivors’ faction.
  • Make a romantic connection with Lawan.
  • Don’t let Hakan die. There will be two possibilities for Hakon’s death in the game. so you just don’t let Hakan die in both of them.
  • Choose Let Lawan detonate the bombs option in the last mission of the game.

How Many Endings Are There in Dying Light 2: 

  • There will be two alternative endings based on these two decisions in DL2.
  • Letting Hakon Live or Die is the other factor that will give you two alternative endings in DL2.
  • The fifth and final ending you will get in DL2 is tied to your alliance with a certain faction.
  • So there are a total of 5 possible endings in Dying Light 2 based on what you choose.