Dying Light 2 | Secret Weapon | How To Get The Doom Easter Egg?

There are many easter eggs for the players to find in DL2. Here’s how to get the Doom easter egg in Dying light 2.

DL2 features several easter eggs in it, and some of them are very useful and powerful secret weapons such as Doom’s Shotgun. Doom’s shotgun is a very powerful weapon and to unlock it players will have to complete the Doom Easter egg Challenge in DL2. So in this guide, we will tell you how to get the Doom Easter Egg in DL2.

Dying Light 2 – Doom Easter Egg:

Here’s how you can get Doom Easter egg in DL2:

  • The first thing you need to do to get the Doom Easter egg is to locate five black ducks.
  • You can find these five black ducks in the following locations:

    1. VNC Tower Safe
    2. Observatory
    3. Lower Dam Ayre
    4. The Wharf: Underwater
    5. Houndfield

  • After collecting all five Black Ducks go towards the VNC Tower.
  • Use its elevator and go to the basement of the tower.
  • Swim Straight to a Yellow gate in the flooded section of the basement.
  • Open the gate and then keep swimming in the straight direction to exit out of the water.
  • Go to the elevators by opening the door in front of you and then go to level 0- of the VNC Towers.
  • There will be 5 altars at level 0, and behind each altar, you will be a green and a red terminal.
  • Place the 5 Black Ducks on the altars and then start connecting wires to make a star.
  • First of all, pull the green terminals and connect them to red terminals.
  • Here’s the pattern in which you need to connect the terminals:
    ⇒ Connect No 1 With No 3
    ⇒ Connect No 3 With No5
    ⇒ Connect No 5 With No 2
    ⇒ Connect No 2 With No 4
    ⇒ Connect No 4 With No 1
  • After you connect the terminals in the order mentioned above, you will see a gun spawning in the middle of the room.
  • Start the Doom easter egg challenge by interacting with the gun.
  • Several players aren’t been able to get it due to a bug that is preventing them to put black duckies on the altars.
  • Don’t equip any accessories before starting the challenge and then start the challenge.
  • Exit the game after the challenge is started and then restart the game from the beginning.
  • Open up your inventory and the doom shotgun will be inside it.