Dying Light 2 | How To Fix The Authority Pack Not Working Error (CE 107880-4) on PS5

DL2 Authority Pack DLC is not showing up in the stash of PS5 players. Here’s how to fix the Authority pack not visible error (CE-107880-4) in Dying Light 2.

PS5 players are not being able to get the Authority pack DLC outfit due to error CE-107880-4. Whenever they open their stash they get error CE-107880-4 instead of the Authority Pack Outfit. This is why the PS5 players are not being able to enjoy the Peacekeeper-themed clothes and weapons in DL2. So here in this guide, we will help you to find out how to fix this issue in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 – Authority Pack DLC Outfit – Error CE-107880-4:

Unfortunately, PS5 players are the ones who aren’t been able to get the Authority Pack DLC outfit in DL2 due to an error CE – 107880-4. Sometimes players won’t even see this bundle, sometimes they are not been able to download it, and sometimes error CE-107880-4 appears when you open your stash.

There isn’t any fix for this issue yet, so all we can do is wait for the dev to release a fix for this issue and it will be released soon because all the PS5 players are encountering this issue in Dying Light 2.


  1. This might work for some folks if they aren’t experiencing the download issue. Downloading the PS4 version allowed me to access it in the PS version of the game, but it does NOT show up in my PS5 stash. Going into manage content for the PS5 version shows that it has not downloaded, and I get the error code when trying to download it. I play both the PS4 and 5 versions because my son still has the PS4 and we play a save-game together – I can access it just fine there. PS5 version is still a no-go for my situation.

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