How To Complete Personal Goals in Two Point Campus?

You will have to build a campus of your own, hire staff, and enroll students in the Two Point Campus. Here’s how to complete personal goals in it.

You will have to do various things to upgrade your campus, such as hiring staff, building rooms and classrooms, upgrading courses, enhancing gardens, etc. You will have to build different things just like canteens, libraries, and auditoriums, and fulfill all the requests made by the students and employees. Your personal goal is to fulfill their demands and you will have to do it in a certain order to increase their satisfaction level. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete your Personal Goals in TPC.

Two Point Campus – Personal Goals:

Here’s how to complete Personal Goals in TPC:

  • You will get requests from the staff and students in your mailbox, which expire after a specific amount of time.
  • Students will frequently request that you construct infrastructures such as Student Lounge, Library, Playing Grounds, Auditoriums, etc.
  • You can find these requests in your mailbox.
  • If a Student requests that you build a library then you must go to your mailbox and click on the Library Request tab.
  • Place it in a good location by clicking on Build Room.
  • The goal will be completed once the construction is finished.
  • The Students will then start to interact with the library.
  • You will have to complete other Personal Goals in the same way.