Halo Infinite: ‘Mister Chief’ AI In Multiplayer

The Halo Infinite store recently reset with a fresh batch of items, has been the subject of some controversy among fans due to its price point. But this week, 343 Industries introduced a brand-new bundle for Halo Infinite.

An endlessly entertaining AI model that became iconic for the Halo community is available in Halo Infinite, compliments of the Master Chief Collection. The bundle includes the Mister Chief AI model, Mister Chief Armor, and Weapon Armor, Mister Chief Emblem, Mystery Mister Legendary Armor Color, and Mystery Mister Weapon Color.

How to get ‘Mister Chief’ in Halo Infinite?

The first thing you need to know about this bundle is that it’s not a cheap item. You need to spend 2000 credits on this. Follow these steps to get this bundle:

  • Go to the shop to buy this bundle.
  • In the shop, you need to find and select the ‘Mister Chief’ bundle and click on buy.
  • You can equip this bundle after going into the body and AI section.
  • As I told this earlier there are many items in this bundle and you can use them all after buying this.

The latest bundle, “Discovery”, is the last of the year. The next bundle is scheduled for 2022, with new content and store refreshes slated for the new year. Currently, there are three major ways to unlock new armor sets: storefront refreshes, seasonal passes, and the battle pass system in Halo Infinite. The battle pass system adopted a format from popular shooters’ battle pass systems and has had mixed responses from the community. Updates are currently being made to smooth out some of the bumps in progression, though 343 Industries has implemented smaller changes to tide players over.