Halo Infinite | How To Complete The House of Reckoning Mission and Find The Easter Eggs?

Halo Infinite Campaign has several main story missions. Here’s how to save the pilot to complete the story mission and where to find the Easter eggs in The House of Reckoning of Halo Infinite.

The House of Reckoning is one of the main story missions in which you have to rescue the trapped pilot Echo 216 within The House of Reckoning to complete it. So here in this guide, we will tell you how to rescue the pilot and complete the House of Reckoning mission in the HI Campaign.

Halo Infinite – The House of Reckoning Story Mission:

The House of Reckoning is the area of enemy Spartans, so you will have to be ready and careful as you can’t go back once you are inside The House of Reckoning. This story mission is an emotional one as you can’t rescue the pilot because he is already dead. But there’s no info about it provided in the game to deliver an emotional impact on the players when they find the rescue pilot’s body after fighting their way through various training rooms full of enemies. Here’s how to complete The House of Reckoning Mission.

How To Complete:

  • Go inside The House of Reckoning.
  • Fight your way through the first two training rooms.
  • Use the Grapple into the Ship when you reach the third training room.
  • Go to the center of the structure and look on the floor to find a little disc.
  • Pick up the disc and then go to the next training room.
  • You will hear the memories of pilots’ memories inside that training room.
  • Several enemies will spawn in the room and all the rooms will be closed.
  • Kill all the enemies and after that be prepared to fight Escharum.
  • He will be hidden inside a cloak so it will be difficult to kill him.
  • Once you kill Escharum rush towards the pilot to rescue him from the trap.

How To Find Easter Egg in The House of Reckoning:

There’s an Easter Egg hidden in the advanced training room inside The House of Reckoning. Here’s how to get it:

  • Complete the basic training section and then proceed to the advanced training section of Escharum.
  • There will be a lot of enemies spawning inside the advanced training area.
  • Go inside the tiny room where Escharum’s large projection will be speaking to you.
  • Remember that if you leave that room, you won’t be able to get the Easter Eggs, as the room will never open again once it is closed.
  • Climb up the ramp on the wall opposite the console in the same room and interact with the switch.
  • Go to the advanced training room and use the Grapple to go on top of the tower to activate the second switch.
  • The Third switch will be on the top of some beams. So press it by using your Grappleshot.
  • Once you pressed all three switches you will spawn on the ground inside a Rockethog.

The Rockethog is the Easter Egg and you can use it to fight all the enemies inside the advanced training room in The House of Reckoning.

That’s all there is to know about how to complete The House of Reckoning Story mission and find the Easter Egg.