Halo Infinite – Does it Support Multiplayer or not?

The new Halo Infinite game has been gaining popularity and there are already questions about if it will support multiplayer split-screen? The Halo series is known for its multiplayer experience, so not having this feature would be a major disappointment to many of the fans.

Halo fans everywhere are excited about the launch of Halo Infinite on November 15. The game is available now, but many players want to know if it has split-screen multiplayer? Unfortunately for them (and us), there’s still no official word on that yet.

In the new update, Halo Infinite still does not support this feature.

So When Halo Infinite Will Support Split Screen?

Split-screen support will be added to the game in a future update, but it’s unclear when that’ll happen. We also don’t know if this is an online or custom multiplayer feature–343 Industries hasn’t announced anything yet! Once they’re more done detailing how exactly you can set up split screens for your own games with Halo Infinite, we’ll have some better insights into what kind of gameplay modes work best between two players on one screen at once (or not).

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