Halo Infinite Beta – When will it end?

We know many gamers are wondering when will the beta for Halo Infinite will end? So they can enjoy the full release of the game. So keep reading for the answers to all of your questions.

The Halo Infinite beta is live and everyone wants to know when the end date will be. With all of this hype, it’s easy for people around the world who are not partaking in Microsoft’s new game mode (Infinite) to get excited about playing their favorite Xbox games again! But how long does a beta for Halo Infinite will last? This article has everything you need to know about HI Beta.

So You’re Wondering How Long The Halo Infinite Beta Will Be?

The HI beta is now live and available to download for free. The demo will end on December 8, the same day as its campaign counterpart, which releases at a $60 price point – but you still can play through all multiplayer content with no purchase necessary!

Halo Infinite Beta End: Will You Get Your Beta Progress In Main Game?

Playing the HI beta is a breeze because all of your progress in the game will carry over to its full release on December 8. The official Twitter account confirmed this news by saying, “all battle pass progression and customization items purchased during that time are also transferable.”

This means you can enjoy playing through chapters right now without worrying about losing anything or having any purchases disappear after launch!

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