Halo Infinite Collectibles Guide | Locations of All Banished Audio Logs

Banished Audio Logs is one of the three Audio Logs’ types available in Halo Infinite. Here are all the locations of Banished Audio Logs that can be found in Halo Infinite.

There are various kinds of collectibles in Halo Infinite such as Skulls, Audio Logs, Mjolnir LockersSpartan Cores,  Forerunner Archives, & Propoganda Towers. Audio Logs are one of the collectibles in the game and there are three different types of Audio Logs that you will find scattered around the map.

The three different types of Audio Logs collectibles available in Halo Infinite are:

  1. Banished Audio Logs.
  2. Spartan Audio Logs.
  3. UNSC Audio Logs.

In this guide, we will tell you the locations of all the Banished Audio Logs that can be found in the Halo Infinite Campaign.

Halo Infinite Collectibles – Banished Audio Logs:

Here are the locations of all the Banished Audio Logs Collectibles available in Halo Infinite Campaign:

Banished Audio Log  Locations 
Loss At the Warship Gbraakon. Next to the fIrst right-side door.
Cylix During completing the objective “Reach The Surface” after taking the weapon.
In Your Honor Outpost Tremonius, under the landing path.
Harbinger: when doing The Tower mission, Check outside with the right wall.
Unnatural Defenses At the North-East side of Ransome Keep Outpost with the wall.
The Dream Of Atriox At Ransom Keep outpost somewhere in the fencing gap.
Remain Vigilant Check the southeast side of the Redoubt of Sundering outpost.
That Which Remains Check the central part of the Redoubt of Sundering outpost for this.
Damnable Eyes Check Forge of Teash outpost in the Banished tunnel.
Secrets Below Eastside of Forge of Teash outpost.
A Warning Check the Armory of Reckoning outpost and get in with the gravity lift.
Of Unrest And Unggoy Check the cave Armory of Reckoning outpost.
A Boon At the center of the Horn of Abolition outpost.
Our New Home South-west of Horn of Abolition outpost at the lower floor of the building.
Demon In the central room while playing During the Excavation Site mission.
Loyalties You will find this while playing Pelican Down mission towards the east Gun Battery.
Home While playing Pelican Down mission, you will find this on a hill inside a room.
Encroaching Glory When you get to the Reformation location, Look at the south of the Riven Gate outpost.
The Great Spine Check inside a building at the edge of the cliff, Riven Gate outpost.
Assumptions You can find this at the East-West Beacon in the Reformation area.
Xalanyn Check the Center-south Beacon to get this
Whispers From The Past Go to the banished building at Annex Ridge outpost.
Slow And Steady Go To the center of the Annex Ridge outpost and check behind the gravity lift for this Log.
Reintroduction You can find this in the corridors when you go north side Beacon.
A Curious Directive Go to the south side beacon to get this log.
Victory You can get this at House of Reckoning.
Legacy After defeating the House of Reckoning, check back of the arena.t

These are all the Banished Audio Logs collectibles you can find in Halo Infinite Campaign.