Genshin Impact 3.0 | All New Dendro Element Reactions

MihoYo has introduced a new Dendro element in Genshin Impact as part of its update 3.0. Here are all the details about the Dendro element in GI!

Previously in GI, each character had six elements, but now a new element known as
“Dendro” has been introduced to GI by the developers with the release of its new update 3.0. Elements determine the playstyles, damage, and synergy of each character in a game. A new region Sumeru has also been added to GI’s map in this new update 3.0 that players can unlock after they update their game.

You will find all the details about this new element “Dendro” below in this guide, so keep reading it!

Genshin Impact 3.0 – Dendro Element:

Here are all the details you should know about this Dendro Element in Genshin Impact 3.0:

  • There are several characters in GI and each one of them has a certain Element that they can use in a fight.
  • You can create a reaction by mixing two elements that have a unique effect.
    • For Ex: You will get a Vaporize reaction when you mix Hydro and Pyro Elements.

Here are all the Dendro Element reactions you can create in GI:

  • Bloom Reaction:

    • When you mix Hydro and Dendro elements, you will get the Bloom reaction as a result of it.
    • “Dendro Cores” are formed and distributed around the field when Bloom is triggered.
    • These Dendro Cores will burst after a specific amount of time, dealing with severe Dendro DMG.
    • You can only activate a limited number of Dendro Cores at the same time and they will explode if you exceed the limit.

Bloom also has two sub-reactions in it, which are:

    • Burgeon Reaction:

        • The Burgeon reaction occurs when a Dendro Core is combined with a Pyro element.
        • Burgeon boosts the Dendro explosion’s damage.
    • Hyperbloom Reaction:

        • The Hyperbloom reaction occurs when a Dendro core is mixed with an Electro element. The Dendro Cores are transformed into “homing Sprawling Shots” with this reaction.
  • Catalyze Reaction:

    • When you mix Dendro with Electro a Catalyze reaction will occur. A status called Quicken occurs inflicting enemies with the Quickened status illness when you trigger a catalyze reaction.
    • You can then combine the Quickened enemies with a Dendro or Electro attack to create another sub-reaction based on the attack’s element.
    • The Spread reaction will occur when you hit Quickened enemies with a Dendro attack.
    • The Aggravate reaction will occur when you hit the Quickened enemies with an Electro attack. The amount of damage dealt to your enemies will be increased with the help of reaction.
  • Burning Reaction:

    • There were already a few Dendro enemies present in GI, so that’s why the Burning reaction was already in it.
    • Then you combine Dendro and Pyro elements the Burning reaction will occur.
    • This reaction inflicts harm on enemies over time.

The remaining three elements “Geo, Anemo, and Cryo” don’t have any elemental reaction with Dendro. So it means that Dendro Unit wouldn’t be functional on teams that revolve around these elements in Genshin Impact.

The element’s resonance will be activated when you combine two Dendro characters, which is a bonus your team gets when you combine two or more characters of the same element. Your team will get 50 more Elemental Mastery by the Dendro resonance.

That’s everything there is to know about the new element “Dendro” in Genshin Impact 3.0.