Genshin Impact 3.0 | List of All New Characters

There are a few new characters announced by miHoYo that will be added to Genshin Impact in its new 3.0 update. Here’s the list of all of them!

Genshin Impact update 3.0 has been released officially by the developers and GI fans are very happy about it. This update introduces a new region, a few new characters, and a few new missions along with a new element to the game. Two of the new characters have this new element Dendro which was awaited by the GI fans for a long time. So in this guide, we have listed all the details about the new characters which are recently been added to GI. So keep reading this guide to find out all the details.

Genshin Impact 3.0 – All New Characters:

Here are all the details you must know about the new characters that are coming to GI:

  • There are three new characters that are going to be added to GI as part of its update 3.0.
  • Right now, only two of them have been added while the third one will be added in the coming days.
  • Here are the names of all the new Genshin Impact’s characters:
    • Tighnari
    • Collei
    • Dori


Here are all the details you must know about Tighnari:

  • In GI 3.0’s new Banner, Tighnari is the most prominent character.
  • Tighnari is one of the two characters with Dendro Elements.
  • Tighnari is a 5-Star character.
  • Tighnari’s weapon of choice is Bow.
  • Here are all the attacks that Tighnari performs:
    • He can fire up to four successive bow arrows with his basic attack.
    • His targeted shots has two levels of charge.
    • The initial charging assault inflicts damage on Dendro.
    • While doing Dendro damage, the second charge strike also generates four clusterbloom Arrows.
    • The nearby enemies will then be tracked by these arrows and get Dendro damage.
  • Here are all the abilities of Tighnari:
    • Vijana-Phala Mine:

      • Tighnari hurls a Vijana Stormheart at him. This strike spawn the Vijana-Khanda Field zone while dealing AoE Dendro damage.
      • The enemies get torment in this zone due to bizarre illusions produced in it.
      • Tighnari gains the Vijana Suffusion effect as a result of this ability. The charging time of the Wreath Arrows gets cutdown by 2.4 seconds with the help of this ability.
    • Fashioner’s Tanglevine Shaft:

      • A total of six Tanglevine Shafts are shot by Tighnari with the help of this ability.
      • These Tanglevine Shafts are capable of tracking opponents and dealing Dendro DMG to them.
      • A subsequent wave of these shafts appears when an enemy gets hit by it. They will then again track and deal damage to the enemies.
    • Encylopedic Knowledge:

      • The location of the nearby resources get revealed on the mini-map with the help of this ability.
      • This ability can only be used in the Sumeru region.


Here are all the details about Collei:

  • The Second Dendro character added to GI 3.0 is Collei.
  • Collei is a 4-Star character.
  • Collei basic weapon is also a Bow.
  • Here are all of her attacks:
    • Collei can fire up to four successive shots using her bow as part of her basic attacks.
    • You can charge her strike to deliver damage to Dendro.
  • Here are all of her abilities:
    • Floral Brush:

      • This ability allows Collei to throw out a Floral Ring.
      • It inflicts Dendro damage twice to the target, the first time when it hits the target and the second time on its way back.
    • Trump-Card Kitty:

      • This ability allows Collei to throw a doll called Cuilein-Anbar.
      • The doll bursts when it hits the target and do AoE Dendro damage.
      • It also creates a Cuilein-Anbar Zone when it hits the target.
      • The doll then do additional AoE Dendro damage as it bounces throughout the zone.
    • Gliding Champion of Sumeru:

      • This ability decreases the gliding stamina consumption of Collei and her party by 20%.


Here are all the details about Dori:

  • Dori is not part of Genshin Impact at the moment as she will be released in a near future.
  • Dori is a merchant who can acquire you anything, no matter how uncommon it is such as:
    • Rare Plants.
    • Diamonds.
    • Other Stuff which is not known to anyone yet.
  • Tighnari, on the other hand, can tell us everything about her as a merchant. He highlights her ability to effortlessly obtain resources. However, he cautions you to pay close attention to the price while purchasing from Dori.
  • Dori is thought to be an Electro character.
  • Her basic weapon will be Claymore.

That’s all there is to know about all the new characters added to Genshin Impact update 3.0.