Forza Horizon 5 | Trophy Guide | How To Unlock All Trophies/Achievements?

Forza Horizon 5 has been released on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Here’s how to unlock all the trophies/achievements in Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5, a racing video game created by Playground Games and distributed by Xbox Games, is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S. It’s the fifth installment of the Forza series and several new features have been introduced in Forza Horizon 5 just like expeditions which are a new type of event. Players will have to go to a new area of the map in these tasks. There are a total of 53 unlockable trophies/achievements in Forza Horizon 5. Here in this guide, we have made a list of all the trophies and how to unlock them in Forza Horizon 5.

How To Unlock All Trophies in Forza Horizon 5:

Here’s the list of all the 53 achievements/trophies along with how to unlock them in Forza Horiza Horizon 5:

Trophies/AchievementsHow To Unlock?
Welcome to MexicoArrive at the Horizon Festival Mexico site
Race into ActionComplete any Horizon Race Event
AdaptableComplete the On a Wing and a Prayer Showcase Event
IcebreakerParticipate in a Horizon Arcade event
Mi CasaUnlock the first Player House
First LovePurchase your first car from the Autoshow
This Is The WayStart a new chapter of the Horizon Adventure
Viva Horizon!Unlock your first Horizon Finale Event
Putting on a ShowWin every Showcase Event
AWDysseyBuild the Horizon Wilds outpost
Ask Any Racer, Any Real RacerBuild the Horizon Street Scene outpost
Far from the Mudding CrowdBuild the Horizon Apex outpost
There’s Always Money in the Baja StandBuild the Horizon Baja outpost
Adrenaline RushBuild the Horizon Rush outpost
Hall of FamerReach the Horizon Hall of Fame
How to Race Friends and Influence PeopleEarn 3 stars in the ‘Tristan’ Chapter of the ‘Born Fast’ Horizon Story
Cover to CoverEarn 3 stars on all chapters in a single Horizon Story
Tourist AttractionComplete your first Horizon Tour Race Event
Show Me Your Moves!Play any EventLab Event created by another player
Good CarmaGive another player some Kudos to show your appreciation
Album CoverTake a photo of the 2021 Mercedes-AMG One for Horizon Promo
Fit to PrintTake photos of 200 different cars for Horizon Promo
A Forza Edition to my CollectionEarn a Forza Edition car from a Wheelspin or Super Wheelspin
Manufacturer AffinityEarn a Manufacturer Bonus
You Could Say I’m a FanEarn a Manufacturer Bonus for a collection of 25 or more cars
An Item Of Extreme ValueDiscover and photograph the Golden Chaac Totem
No Stone UnturnedComplete your first Expedition
Chicken DinnerWin your first game of The Eliminator
JackpotFully complete a run of Super7
Seasoned VeteranComplete a Festival Playlist activity in every season
Racing and Pacing and Plotting the CourseWin 80 different Race Events in Mexico
Unbeatable TriumphWin 6 different Race Events against Unbeatable Drivatars
Living LegendEarn 294 stars from PR Stunts in Mexico
I Have the High GroundWin 3 Rivals Events in 3 different PI Classes while driving the same car
Unlimited Prowess!Complete Round Three in all 5 Themes of Horizon Arcade
Ride and SeekDiscover and drive every road in Mexico
Min, Meet MaxComplete all Seasonal Championships in a Festival Playlist Series.
Better Than NewRestore 14 Barn Finds in Mexico
Complete CollectionFind and smash all 250 Bonus Boards in Mexico
Ford of the WingsEarn 3 Stars at the Eagle’s Perch Danger Sign in a Ford Supervan 3
MogulPurchase all 7 Player Houses
Long GoneWin the Goliath Race Event
Gotta Smash ‘Em All Complete 5 Seasonal Smashables Challenges
Cactus Makes PerfectSmash 500 cacti during Wet Season
A Royal AffairAt sunrise, take a photo of your car with some monarch butterflies at Hotel Mirador Balderrama
Dust in the LensTake a photo featuring the Gran Telescopio and a dust storm
Stunning PhotographyTake a photo during a tropical storm
A Heart of GoldSend another player a Gift Drop
Water PerformanceEarn 3 stars at the Puerta Pétrea and La Marisma Trailblazers within 2 minutes
You’re the ChampionWin any event in Horizon Open
Treasure HunterFind all of the Treasure Chests in a S
Front RunnerFinish 5 Horizon Tour Race Events ahead of all Drivatars
New TuneFind a place to install the Horizon Pulse Radio Beacon

These are all 53 unlockable trophoies/achievements f Forza Horizon 5.