Far Cry 6 | What Happens If You Kill Mckay?

Killing Sean Mckay is one of the few options that make a difference in Far Cry 6. But this decision doesn’t make a large impact on the outcome of the game. Here we will tell you what happens if you choose to kill Mckay in Far Cry 6.

What Happens If you Kill Mckay In Far Cry 6?

You will get to choose what to do with the intruder after you complete the main operations in El Este. During the “Deported” mission Mckay will be on his escape boat talking to Juan on his phone. He will ask you to let Mckay live as he has made a deal with him, so if you will let him go he will give you a huge amount of money in return.

You will be instructed to depart from there, but you will have the option to kill Mckay with the help of your sniper rifle. Here’s what happens if you kill  Mckay and if you don’t kill Mckay in the game:

  • If you will kill Mckay in the game, you will get the “Canadians What?” which is a piece of rare equipment that can be used on the enemies so that they drop pesos after getting killed in the game.
  • If you let him live, he will give you 5000 Pesos in return and leave America.

That’s everything there is to know about what happens if you kill Mckay in Far Cry 6.