Far Cry 6 | Paint The Town Yaran Story | How To Complete?

Yaran Stories are a sort of Side mission in Far Cry 6. Paint the town is one of these Yaran Stories in which you will have to deface several statues located in the Esperanza region. In this guide, we will tell you how to unlock and complete the paint the town Yaran Story in Fary Cry 6.

How To Complete Paint The Town Yaran Story in Far Cry 6?

You will have to complete Yaran Story Heavy Metal first to unlock Paint the town Yaran Story in the game. You will have to talk to Zenia to start this side mission. She can be found at the Mercurio Mecanico Hideaway in Esperanzo’s West Lado neighborhood.

She will ask you to deface a total of 12 statues by using spray paints to fulfill her father’s last wish. These sculptures are scattered across Esperanza so it will be a difficult task for the players to complete this side mission as Esperanza is a restricted area and is heavily guarded.

Players will have to be cautious while roaming around the Capital city of Yara. Here is the location of all the Statutes marked on the map below:

Nine of these statues are located on the outer roads and three of them can be found in the Crossing of FND held control points. You must carry armor-piercing bullets as it is a restricted area. So that’s why it will be heavily guarded, the best weapon to use in this side mission is the Sniper Rifle you earned through the Cache money treasure hunt.

When you get near a Sculpture you only have to press the button to interact with it and deface it. Locating these Scultputres is not a difficult task, however, the most difficult task is to roam around Esperanza without getting hurt.

Go back to Zenia Zayas after you defaced all the statues and she will give you a yellow point bucket weapon charm along with a lot of XPs as a reward for completing this side mission in Far Cry 6.

That’s everything there is to know about how to complete Paint the Town Yaran Story in Far Cry 6.

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