Digimon Survive: How You Can Get Omegamon (Evolve Agumon To Omnimon)?

If you are looking for a way to evolve into Omegamon, then you come to the right place. This guide will give you all the steps to get Omegamon.

If you are looking for the best warrior Digimon in Digimon Survive then Omegamon could be your best choice. But many players don’t know how they can Evolve into Omegamon. As you know Agumon has many evolutions and Omegamons is one of them. Getting or evolving into Omegamon is a very hard task. So we made this step-by-step guide for players so they can choose the best route and get the Omegamon. Check the full guide below.

How You Can Get Omegamon?

Here is how you can get Omegamon (Evolve Agumon To Omnimon):

  • To get Omegamon, you need to evolve from Agumon and fuse with Gabumon. And you can only get this evolution done at the very end of the game. So you need to choose very wisely your decisions because you can’t restart anymore.
  • Also, you need to be part of the moral path to evolve into Omegamon.
  • There are many Digivolutions for Agumon and before you get Omegamon, you need to get all those Digivolutions first. It can take you more than once to clear the game.
  • Just make sure every choice you make is related to the moral path of the game. Because to evolve into Omegamon, this is very important.
  • Another thing you need to do before evolving into Omegamon is to put Gabumon when your scene plays with Miyuki.
  • When Miyuki gets into a trap of The Master and can’t get out. The professor will try to help her.
  • While trying to save Miyuki, the professor will get attacked by The Master but Renamon will save the professor and take the damage and die.
  • This will make Takuma and Professor resolve strong.
  • When their resolve gets strong you will see Agumon and Gabumon start evolving and fuse with each other.
  • This Fusion will turn them into Omegamon.