Digimon Survive: How You Can Get Etemon in Digimon Survive?

If you are looking for a unique Digimon in Digimon Survive then Etemon is for you. Check down for a full guide on How You Can Get Etemon in Digimon Survive.

There are many different and unique Digimon in Digimon Survive and Etemon is one of them. Etemon is very easily recognizable from his different and unique characteristics. When it comes to its abilities, it’s very strong in defense, and with that, you can have a good durable Digimon on your team. There are 2 easy you can get Etemon. You can get it by playing and hunting it but it will take some time. The other way is you can get it from Digivolution. It’s hard to get correct Digimons from Digivolution, but here is a full guide on how you can get Etemon in Digimon Survive through Digivolution.

How Can You Get Etemon in Digimon Survive?

The first thing you need to do to get Etemon is start talking to him and with that, he will ask many questions. You need to give him the best possible answers. Now if you give a good response to his questions a bar that you can see above Etemon’s head. Once you filled 3 bars then you can see the option to make him your friend.

Here are some good answers to the questions that you can get from Etemon:

Questions Best Answers
What number are you? One!
Hey now! Got time to hear me sing? You can sing? Wow!
Well ain’t you cute! I wanna eat you up! What a cool ‘mon!
I’ll teach you how to walk a mile in my shoes. Ya dig? Yes, pretty please!
Hey now, you don’t think you can beat lil’ ole me, do ya? What? Not a chance
Man, something’s bugging me real bad. Can you guess what it is? Your crazy strength?
Wanna know the secret to this bangin’ bod? Let’s keep it secret.