Diablo Immortal | Ancient Nightmare Event

Ancient Nightmare is one of the zone events in Diablo Immortal. Here are all the details you need to know about the Ancient Nightmare Event in DI.

There’s a huge world featured in DI that is separated into eight regions. There is a special event in each region of the game that rewards players with rare materials such as Enchanted Dust and other precious commodities. One of these special events is Ancient Nightmare which takes place in the Mount Zavain region, notably around Misty Valley. Here in this guide, we have listed all the details about the Ancient Nightmare Event.

Diablo Immortal – Ancient Nightmare:

Here are all the details you must know about the Ancient Nightmare event:

  • The ancient Nightmare event in Diablo Immortal takes place after every two hours from 8 a.m to midnight server time.
  • A monster known as the Ancient Nightmare spawns in the Misty Valley during this event.
  • This monster is shielded by a shield that delivers significant damage to adjacent players.
  • During this event, your main goal is to harm the Ancient Nightmare’s shield until you slay this formidable monster.
  • You will have to activate the Altars along his route to cast an Aura that temporarily stuns the monster to remove his shield.
  • To continuously emit the aura, you would require a rare artificial called Zakarum sigil, which can only be gained after defeating Lord Martanos.
  • You can Martanos near the Frozen Descent waypoint and you can defeat it after activating his burial altar.
  • You must take him out at the low-difficulty setting due to his high AoE attacks.
  • Lord Martanos will drop the Zakarum Sigil after you defeat him which you can use to smash the Ancient Nightmare.
  • You will be able to do damage to his shield after you stun him with the Zakarum Sigil.
  • When the Ancient Nightmare is in close to the Altar it will be most vulnerable.
  • You will get a chest near his body after your defeat which will reward you with Enchanted Dust etc.