How To Get & Use Adventure Journal in Diablo Immortal?

Adventure Journal can become quite handy to you in Diablo Immortals. Here’s how to get and use Adventure Journal in Diablo Immortal.

It can become very handy for you to know how to get and use Adventure Journal in DI as you can get Elite Quests, which are challenging and lengthy assignments with a lot of rewards. So we have made this guide to tell you how to get & use Adventure Journal in DI.

Diablo Immortal – Adventure Journal:

Here’s how to get & use the Adventure Journal in DI:

  • You will have to win the objectives in the Codex to get Adventure Journals as rewards.
  • You will get the other Adventure Journals after you reach Paragon Level 30.
  • You won’t find Adventure Journals that easily.
  • Go to Westmarch and speak with Taite the Adventure Seeker.
  • She will send you to an Elite Quest in exchange for an Adventure Journal.
  • These quests are lengthy and frequently contain challenging boss encounters and foes in general.
  • So you will have to spend a lot of time on them.
  • However, you will get precious items as rewards for completing them.