V Rising | How To Siege?

Players need to get their hands on many territories to build their colonies and form alliances. Here’s how to siege in V Rising.

Players will have to face the cruel world in which they can choose to play as PVE- player versus environment or PVP- player versus player aspects. You will have to find a lot of blood to move as a vampire in the village near Vandoran. So, you will need a lot of lands to construct settlements and form alliances for more power. So in this guide, we will tell you how to siege in V Rising.

How To Siege in V-Rising:

Here’s how to siege in VR:

  • You can just bomb other players who have tier 1 wood castles to siege them.
  • You will need a siege golem to take possession of tier 2 stone fortresses, however, obtaining control of the siege golem is difficult but not impossible.
  • You can activate the stone by placing it in an open area.
  • Using a matching floor and a safe, closed castle chamber can save activation time.
  • You can control the siege golem for five minutes after activating the siege golem stone (300 sec).
  • If Golem is properly awakened, it can deal significant damage to players and buildings.
  • After activating the siege golem, a server-wide notice appears, pinning the siege golem’s location on the map.
  • if you as a golem, you will not be transferred back, but you will be killed
  • You get two abilities by becoming a siege golem Stomping and Earth Shatter.
    • 300% siege damage is caused by stomping.
    • 200% siege damage is caused by Earth Shatter.