Destiny 2 | How To Unlock Hawkmoon?

Hawkmoon is one of the weapons in Destiny 2 and everyone wants to get their hands on this Exotic Hand Cannon. Here is how you can unlock Hawkmoon in Destiny 2.

After waiting for some time, the developers of Destiny 2 finally return the Hawkmoon, which is an Exotic Hand Cannon. As we all know this is one of the best guns in the game so it’s also not easy to get your hands on this. You need to complete some quests before you get Hawkmoon. From the start of Destiny 2 only players who have a Season of the Hunt, a season pass can get this weapon. Other players need to buy the Deluxe pack of the game to get this gun. So, check the full guide below to know how you can unlock Hawkmoon in Destiny 2 – Season of the Lost.

Hawkmoon Exotic Quest:

First, you need to complete the New Light campaign. After that, you can get to Moon and the Tangled Shore which is important. Your next step should be to complete another quest Trail of the Hunted. Where you can unlock The Crow on the Moon and an NPC on the Tangled Shore. Now get inside the Spider’s Lair and talk to the crow and then you need to complete another quest Wrath born. Now go back to the spider and complete this quest.

Now you can start the Hawkmoon Exotic Quest.

Here are all the steps you need to follow to complete this quest:

  • First, you need to find 5 Paracausal Feathers. You can get these in different locations.
    1. You can feather find one near the Spider’s Lair.
    2. Go to Cosmodrome and look for a pillar near the teleport which is near Saw for the second feather
    3. EDZ – look for a broken catwalk near the teleport. You will find the third feather in the sludge.
    4. Go to the Dreaming City and you will find the fourth feather near the Well’s entrance.
    5. You will find the fifth feather on the Moon. check the last room of the Temple of Oryx.
  • After collecting all 5 feathers you need to go back and talk to the Crow.
  • You will have a new quest in EDZ (Cry from Beyond). Complete the quest.
  • When you are done completing the quest go back to the Crow.
  • Now you need to get 50 orbs of power. You can generate them or collect them.
  • After getting 50 orbs get back to the crow.
  • Now you will have a new quest in EDZ marked on the map. Go to the location and you need to collect some feathers again.
  • Then get back to the Crow again after collecting feathers for the second time.
  • Now you need to kill the Guardians there.
  • With this, your quest will end and you will get the Hawkmoon.