Dead Space: Remake | Easter Egg | How To Unlock Sea Shanty?

Dead Space Remake has returned with new side missions, expanded lore, and improved gameplay features, thanks to the efforts of EA Motive.

In addition to the visually stunning Frostbite engine and improved gameplay, the developers have added new secrets and Easter eggs that fans have come to expect from the franchise. One of these Easter eggs is the audio log of a secret sea shanty that fans have unlocked with a series of stomps and jumps.

Dead Space Remake – Sea Shanty:

Here’s how to unlock the Sea Shanty in Dead Space Remake:

The sea shanty, which is a reworking of the popular Wellerman song, tells the story of the USG Kellion checking on the status of the USG Ishimura after they discovered the Red Marker and lost communications on Aegis VII. The audio log can be unlocked by inputting a code in the ritual room in Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent. The room, which was altered by a former crew member, has a red circle on the ground surrounded by lanterns.

Another Easter egg found in the game is the tribute to former co-creator Glen Schofield. Additionally, players have discovered a secret ending by exploring the game’s lore and secrets. However, it’s not just Easter eggs that players have discovered. One player stumbled upon a glitch that allows for the continuous selling of items by utilizing the alternative fire for the Pulse Rifle. With the added cash, players can purchase powerful upgrades long before the game is intended.

Finally, Dead Space Remake has reawakened the franchise’s faithful to the USG Ishimura and its many mysteries, hidden references, and Easter eggs. The audio record of hidden sea chanties is only one of many secrets that gamers have uncovered. Due to its unique blend of horror, action, and mystery, the Dead Space series has become one of the most acclaimed video game franchises of all time.