Dead Space: Remake | How To Earn Infinite Money, Ammo?

The critically acclaimed action horror video game Dead Space Remake was just made available for purchase.

The game presents players with a difficult experience, but there are a number of exploits available to them that may make the trip a bit less difficult. Utilizing the Pulse Rifle in conjunction with one of these exploits enables gamers to get a limitless amount of money and ammunition.

How To Earn Infinite Money & Ammo in Dead Space Remake:

Here’s how to earn Infinite Money & Ammo in Dead Space: Remake:

The exploit requires players to stand close to a Store and a Bench, which are workstations in the game that allow players to upgrade their weapons and suits. Players must then unload their Pulse Rifle using its alternative fire (R1), which will drop a Proximity Mine. The Mine can then be converted to ammo by using R1 again, as long as it doesn’t explode.

Once the Mines are converted, players should not load them into their Rifles, but instead, sell them for 2,500 credits per bundle. The money can then be used to buy more Nodes, the game’s upgrade currency, to improve the weapon’s capacity. Players can repeat this process even after they’ve maxed out all capacity nodes to keep earning profit.

However, players need to keep in mind that there are some barriers to entry. The Pulse Rifle, which is the most rapid-fire firearm in the game, is only acquired in Chapter 2, Intensive Care. Once acquired, players can start using the exploit.

To use the exploit effectively, it’s best to be near both a Store and a Bench. This way, players can sell the converted Mines and upgrade their weapons efficiently. However, players should be prepared to face Necromorphs who will be attracted to their entrepreneurial spirit and attack. To keep their sellable stock intact, players should use a different weapon to take out the Necromorphs.

As players progress through Dead Space Remake, they can improve their Rifle’s upgrade path. In Chapter 3, the Kinetic Autoloader Pulse Rifle Upgrade becomes available for purchase, and in Chapter 4, the P.C.S.I. Custom Magazine Pulse Rifle Upgrade can be found in the Electrical Storage Room on Floor 3 of the Bridge’s Main Atrium. These upgrades reveal more capacity nodes for the Pulse Rifle, which can invigorate the players’ ammo-selling business.

The exploits in Dead Space Remake that let players earn infinite money and ammo by using the Pulse Rifle are a great way for players to make their journey through the game a little easier. However, players need to be prepared to face some challenges along the way and be mindful of the barriers to entry.