Dead Space: Remake | When is the Point of No Return in it?

The Dead Space Remake offers players the chance to explore the USG Ishimura in a new and improved way, complete with side missions, collectibles, and weapon upgrades to discover.

However, players should be aware that there is a point in the game at which they will be locked out of exploring the Ishimura further, known as the “point of no return”.

Dead Space Remake: Point of No Return:

For those who want to ensure they have the chance to fully explore the Ishimura, or simply want to know when the point of no return occurs, it happens in Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions. At the end of this chapter, Isaac and Nicole will prepare to board a shuttle for Aegis VII and leave Ishimura. The point of no return is triggered when Isaac says, “I know. The Ishimura’s finished. If we get on that shuttle, there’s no going back.”

This is the moment to backtrack and collect anything you might have missed in previous locations, such as side missions, weapon upgrades, nodes, schematics, etc. Once you board the shuttle, the game will display a message saying “Point of No Return. You are about to leave the Ishimura and will not be able to return.”

At this point, players have two options: continue to the final section of the game, Chapter 12: Dead Space, or hit cancel if they want to stay on the Ishimura to collect anything they might have missed. So, be sure to plan your journey through the Ishimura wisely and make the most of your time there before reaching the point of no return.