Battlefield 2042 | How To Fix The Breakthrough Not Working And Error Code 15-17A

Battlefield 2042 has been a long-standing favorite among players. However, some have experienced problems with the Breakthrough not working and getting error code 15-17A when trying to install it on their PS4 console or PC.

Since Battlefield 2042 was released, there are many errors in the game, and today we are going to talk about some of them. The error and fixes we are going to talk about are Breakthroughs Not Working and Code 15-17A and their fixes. So keep reading for all the instructions on how t fix these two errors.

How To Fix The Breakthrough Not Working And Error Code 15-17A in Battlefield 2042:

Both of these issues are the main problems due to which players are not being able to play Battlefield 2042. Follow the instructions below to know how to fix these issues:

Fix For Breakthrough Not Working Issue:

Although this error is big and can only be fixed by the developers of the game, still try some of these methods. Maybe it works for you.

●     Try Restarting Your Game:

First, try to restart your game to do a quick fix. Many players’ games start working with just a restart of the game.

●     Restart Your Router:

If after restarting your game. Your game still won’t work, then the second option is to try to restart your router or disconnect and reconnect again. Maybe it will fix your error.

●     Restart Your Computer or Console:

The third option you can try is to restart your computer or console to fix this error.

●     Try Turning Off Crosspaly Option:

Many players suggested that if you turn off the crossplay option, then it can fix your error. Because it’s possible that the error is in some other Computer.

●     Server connection:

Last but least. You can always check your server connection if it’s ok or not. Because sometimes server connection is not good and shows this error.

Fix for Error Code 15-17A:

These are some steps you can try to fix this error:

●     Connection Problems:

You can always check your internet or try to restart your router to fix this issue. It’s a quick fix but effective in most cases.

●     Clear Your Cache:

You can try to clear your cache from Pc or Console. You can use any cache clear software.

●     Steam Files:

Check if your game files in steam are verified.

Go to your steam account> Click on your library> Right-click on Battlefield2042 to open properties> Local files> Verify game files.

If you are facing other errors and issues in Battlefield 2042 then check our Battlefield 2042 Errors Fix Guide.