Battlefield 2042 | DirectX Error Fix | DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG | 100% CPU Usage | AMD Driver Crash | In-Game Crash | Player Freezing | Input Lag | Rebooting PC Fix

Battlefield 2042, the newest game from EA Dice and DICE is a welcome addition to an already awesomely-crazed series. The last couple of games were set in World War 1 or WW2 settings which made for some good (and not so great) campaign experiences but Battlefield has finally gone where most video game stories don’t dare – near future! Unfortunately, though their new universe isn’t without its problems; PC players are experiencing errors like DirectX error 100% CPU usage DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG crashes etc., etc. This list goes on with more than enough info about what you need to fix if you’re having trouble too!!

Here we will tell you how to fix all of these issues in Battlefield 2042:

Battlefield 2042 Errors & Fixes:

Here we have listed all the errors and their fixes:

 Battlefield 2042 Rebooting PC Fix

  •  Here’s how to get your BF2042 PC to start up again.
  •  When the game is launched, Easy Anti-cheat appears to cause the PC to reboot.
  •  Players must upgrade their motherboard’s BIOS to repair the Battlefield 2042 PC reboot.
  •  Players can also attempt to fix the Easy Anti-cheat.
  •  If you run the setup and fix it, the BF2042 will no longer reset your computer.

 100% CPU Usage, Low GPU Usage Fix

  •  Threaded optimization in the Nvidia Control Panel might be one cause of this problem.
  •  Navigate to Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings, and then choose Battlefield 2042 from the list.
  •  Scroll down in the settings and choose “Off” for “Threaded Optimization”
  •  Click the Apply button. This will resolve the BF2042’s 100% CPU use.
  •  Another cause for the high CPU consumption and low GPU usage is the use of the most recent GPU drivers.

Game Not Starting, Crash At Launch Fix

  • The game will not run if your GPU does not support DX12.
  • Your antivirus/firewall is most likely preventing you from playing the game.
  • The game will also crash or not start at all if you use a VPN.
  • The problem will be resolved if you disable the VPN.


  •  The DirectX method “GetDeviceRemovedReason” failed with DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG.To begin, try upgrading your GPU driver to resolve this DirectX problem.
  •  If the following solution does not work, your GPU is to blame for the BF2042 DirectX issue.
  •  Reduce the GPU clock till the fault disappears.
  • Alternatively, gamers can limit Battlefield 2042’s maximum FPS to lessen GPU and CPU burden while also resolving the DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG problem.
  • Navigate to the Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > Battlefield 2042.Enable Max FPS Limit and enter a value.

Crash Fix

  • To resolve the BF2042 in-game crash, gamers should first attempt running the game as administrators.
  • Deactivate any third-party software you have installed, as well as any in-game overlays such as the Steam overlay.
  • In-game crashes in Battlefield 2042 can potentially be caused by an out-of-date GPU driver.
  • To resolve the issue, update the GPU driver and do a clean installation.
  • If you don’t want to fool with the GPU clock, I recommend capping the game’s Max FPS. Check the section above under “DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG Fix”

 Fix for Player Not Moving and Player Freeze

  • The player character does not move and just freezes while other players walk around them.
  • The Origin in-game overlay is to blame for this problem.
  • However, for some gamers, simply deactivating the Origin in-game overlay is insufficient.
  • In such a case, navigate to the Origin folder and remove igo64.dll.

 AMD Driver Crash Repair

  • The AMD Driver crash is caused by an out-of-date GPU driver.
  • Install Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.11.3 to resolve the driver crash problem.

Resolve Mouse Input Lag

  • Disable the Origin in-game overlays to resolve lag or stuttering. This will also eliminate the input latency
  • The future frame rendering option is another cause of mouse stuttering or input latency.
  • If you disable it in the game options, the mouse will no longer lag or stutter.

Missing Msvcp140.dll Fix

  • Msvcp140.dll bug happens because of the absence of FixMsvcp140.dll.
  • To resolve the issue, install both the x64 and x86 versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables.

How to Fix Stuttering and Get 60 FPS

  • The current Nvidia drivers are one cause of the BF2042 stuttering.
  • Players say that switching to Driver version 472.12 eliminates stuttering and increases FPS. To improve performance even further, go to Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > pick Battlefield 2042 and apply the modifications shown below.
  • It is not necessary to enable it on an SSD. Texture filtering – High Performance – High-Quality Optimization for Threads – Enable Triple Buffering – Disable Vertical Sync – Make use of the 3D application configuration When these changes are applied, players will notice an increase in FPS and the elimination of stuttering.