The Crew Motorfest Offers Free Trial from October 10th to 20th

Ubisoft has announced the return of the Free Trial for its popular game, The Crew Motorfest. The trial will be available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gamers from October 10th to 20th. This comes after the game received overwhelming support and positive reviews, making it the highest-rated entry in The Crew franchise. Players who missed the opportunity to try the game at its launch will now have the chance to play up to 5 hours for free.

It’s worth noting that players who already participated in the Free Trial in September will not be eligible for this new session. However, those who had remaining free access time from the previous trial will be able to complete it.

Timing and Discounts

The Free Trial will be available across different platforms with varying special discounts:

  • Ubisoft Store (PC): The trial starts on October 10th at midnight and ends on October 20th at 2 PM UTC. A special discount will be available from October 10th to 24th, offering 20% off on the Standard Edition and 15% off on Gold and Ultimate editions.
  • PlayStation 4 & 5: The trial starts and ends at the same times as the PC version. Special discounts will be available from October 11th to 18th.
  • Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One: The trial timing is similar to the other platforms. A “Deal of the Week” will offer a 20% discount on the Standard Edition from October 13th to 16th.
  • Epic Games Store (PC): The trial and special discount timing align with the Ubisoft Store.

Amazon Luna is not part of this offer.

During the Free Trial, players will have the opportunity to explore the island of O’ahu in Hawaii and participate in Motorfest, a year-round festival for car enthusiasts. The game offers a variety of thematic campaigns, intense driving races, and competitive live events. Players can collect hundreds of iconic cars from different eras and participate in various challenges either solo or with their crew. Since the original release of The Crew Motorfest, new cars and races have been added as part of Season 1.