Songs of Silence Public Demo to be Featured in Steam Next Fest

Chimera Entertainment is set to launch a public demo of their upcoming game, Songs of Silence, as part of the Steam Next Fest running from October 9th to October 16th. The game is a unique blend of story-driven, turn-based strategy that features both single-player campaigns and skirmish modes. With an enchanting soundtrack by renowned composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, the game promises to offer an immersive experience.

Songs of Silence offers a captivating blend of turn-based kingdom management, exploration, hero development, and intense real-time battles. The game is set in a mesmerizing realm that features fast-paced campaigns, heart-pounding real-time battles, and breathtaking Art Nouveau visuals. Players will manage their kingdom, embark on epic quests, and lead iconic factions against a malevolent force known as the Silence.

The public demo will allow players to experience the first map of the single-player campaign, where they will assume the role of Queen Lorelai of Ehrengard. The campaign will take players to the neighboring kingdom of Elbin, which is torn by war. Players will have to make challenging decisions to balance the protection of Ehrengard’s citizens while repelling Elbin’s assailants, all while facing an even greater looming threat.

In addition to the campaign, the demo will also feature skirmish maps where players can test their strategic skills in Player vs Environment (PvE) battles against two rival factions. Each faction and hero in the game has unique playstyles, both on the map and in battle.

How to Play the Demo

The demo for Songs of Silence is available for download on Steam. Interested players can access it here